Steps on how to register a company

how to register a company

If you already own a small business and want to take it to the next level or you are just going to establish a new company, then the first and the foremost consideration is how to register a company. Registering your business means you are creating an entity that has its own legal obligations. It is a concept which is not familiar by many businesses since you only ever register yourself once and maintain your status over time as the business continues.

The very first step in finding how you can register your business is to seek expert help in order to achieve your business objectives. After you have been advised by an expert, your next step is to register the company online.

Before establishing a company, it is also very important for you that you need to decide on the structure of your company and how it will operate. Very initially, you should be clear on what type of business you are going to establish. Either you are establishing a non-profitable company or a special purpose company.

After deciding on the type of business, there comes the most important part, which is the company name. Some people get confused while registering a company and company name. Let me clear one thing here; registering a company is different from registering a business name. While deciding a company name, there are a few considerations:

  • ·         Don’t decide a company name which is already existing
  • ·         You can make use of certain characters in a company name
  • ·         Try to avoid restricted terms in your company name
  • ·         The name of the company must show its legal status

These are some of the major considerations while you are deciding a name for your business. Your business name should always show the legal status of the company. For example, “My business Pty Ltd.”

After deciding the name, now you are fully allowed to register your company and other key business registrations by making use of the business registration service. But before registering your business, always make sure:

  • ·         You have decided a company name
  • ·         You have decided on whether your business will be proprietary or public
  • ·         You have completely understood your legal obligations

These are the simple things you should consider while registering your business. We hope this article on how to register a company helps you a lot. If you are new and not sure how to do the whole process, you can also register your company through a private service provider. The private service provider could be an accountant, a solicitor, or other business that assists with the registration process.