Understanding the Requirements for a Successful Liquor Licence Application

liquor licence application

A liquor licence allows businesses to engage in the sale of alcohol. However, obtaining a liquor licence requires a successful liquor licence application. Filing a successful application may seem daunting to many, but it only requires careful preparation and understanding of the requirements. In this article, we’ll explore the necessary details to consider for applying a liquor licence.

Meeting Age Restrictions

One of the primary requirements for obtaining a liquor licence is meeting the age restrictions. Typically, applicants must be at least 18 years old or older for individuals and over the age of 21 for businesses. An applicant under the stipulated age limit will result in the application being denied. Evidently, ensure that you meet the age criteria before beginning any application process.

Completing the Application Form

The application forms have essential details that need completion before submission and are key to a successful application, hence ensure all the required fields are filled correctly to avoid delays or rejections. Be sure to provide accurate information, including personal details, business details, and even a floor plan of the establishment when filling out the forms.

Clean Criminal Record

Individuals with prior criminal convictions may have challenges receiving a liquor licence. It is a requirement for companies and individuals looking for a licence to have a clean criminal record. Purchasing a criminal record review process to determine whether or not an applicant qualifies for a licence may be necessary.

Proof of Liquor Licence Compliance

There are specific regulations that the licensing board requires and that businesses must adhere to in regard to alcohol service. Ensure that your business operations adhere to the regulations, such as those regarding the sale and service of alcohol, before applying. Take the necessary steps to obtain the proper certifications and training to comply with these regulations before submitting an application.

Providing Necessary Attachments

Licensing authorities may require additional attachments, such as floor plans, staff members’ certification of training, and menu plans outlining the types of alcohol to be sold, for effective licence application. Check what is needed while processing the application, and provide all attachments, if necessary, in a format stipulated by the liquor licensing board, to avoid any delays in securing the licence.

Payment of the Application Fee

A fee is required, but the cost differs across states and types of licences. Nevertheless, ensure that you have the payment ready before beginning to avoid unnecessary delays in the application process’s review.


Understanding the necessary requirements for a successful liquor licence application requires careful preparation, compliance, and attention to detail. Seek professional help where necessary to avoid small mistakes that can lead to a delay or rejection of the application.