Examples of Cases that a Common Assault Lawyer Can Argue in Court

common assault lawyer

Unlike other advocates, a common assault lawyer has easier work as the burden of proof rests on the prosecution team. In these cases, the victims don’t sustain severe injury, but may suffer emotionally from the threat or physical confrontation.

4 Common Cases that Each Common Assault Lawyer Deal with Periodically

One can hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent them in  the following court cases.

1. Threats

An accused can contact a lawyer if they receive violent threats, especially if they fear for their lives. The prosecution team should have physical proof that they received threats to win the case.

2. Punching cases

One may file a lawsuit after a physical assault, especially if the victim is kicked or punched. In this case, it’s only a common assault if the victim doesn’t get awful internal or external injuries.

3. Slap

A victim can seek legal justice when one slaps them for whatever reason. The law deems such an assault whether they sustain an injury or not.

4. Inappropriate touch

A victim can also sue anyone that touches them offensively without their consent. Usually, this offense might fall under sexual assault if one touches an opponent with sexual intention.

Usually, most of the above battery offenses attract a maximum prison sentence of 6 months. However, the duration may vary from one country to another.

Duties of a Common Assault Lawyer When Dealing with an Assault Case

The following are the primary responsibilities of a certified criminal advocate.

  • Investigating the case

An assault lawyer works with their client to defend their client in court more effectively. For example, they seek to establish what triggered the fallout and who was at fault.

  • Preparing defense

Secondly, the advocate prepares the case to bastardize the prosecution’s argument. Their primary responsibility is to prove that their client didn’t commit the offense to secure their release.

  • Negotiating with the prosecution team

The lawyer can persuade the other team to consider a lesser sentence if the evidence is too overwhelming. They also advise the clients to admit the offense to serve a shorter prison term.

Closing Words

A common assault lawyer defending a client loses the case if the prosecution proves that the person intentionally assaulted the complainant. Legal professionals advise against self-representation in court as they might risk being found guilty. Therefore, one shouldn’t mind hiring a lawyer for as low as $50 to increase their chances of winning the court case.